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A day without ServiStore® for Business is like a day without your business !


Main Menu

Very simple main menu.

Simplistic view of total client orders right on the "Orders" button.

Easy navigation to each app function with one click.

Orders Menu

Easy navigation through client orders

Ability to search any orders by customer name, date or order number.


Ability to quickly complete the order with one click.

Clients Orders

Easy navigation to client items that are ordered.

Detailed view of every client's order.


Clients are automatically notified about their orders status change.


Ability to limit the number of orders, based on demand.


Order's Items

One click to mark an item as ready for order completion.


One click to mark an item as out-of-stock.


One click to update shipped quantities and item's final price.


Ability to view additional client notes regarding specific item.


Ability to update final price  before completing an order.



Detailed description of the products, items and categories.

Picture-based product and categories.

Ability to easily hide the item from client's view without deletion of the item from the system.

Editing Items

Unlimited number of items.

Unlimited number of categories.

Simple process to add or edit a specific item.

Ability to set a discount price to any item.

Ability to add SKU and barcode.



Detailed client information.


Ability to call the client directly from the application.


Ability to block unwanted clients from making orders.


Ability to accumulate client's reward points based on sales history. These points can then be used to offer additional discounts or promotions.



Easy way for Clients to write feedback and reviews about your business.


Simple to read client reviews that allow a full assessment of your business.


Simple and easy way to inform  your client about sales, discounts and other promotions.


Clients can easily receive notifications about new campaigns and discounts.


Ability to copy and update previous campaigns with one click.


Very simple and convenient control settings.

Allows full business details control, enter as little or as much information as you would like.

Ability to add/modify the hours of operation.

Ability to set the maximum number of open orders in a given period of time.


Easy control of new orders and client notifications.

ServiStore® for Business - enjoy the difference !

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